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Urgently needed project m
E-PM | Mar 16, 2020
Topic: The Contributions of the Catholic Church in Development communication. 

There is a need of project material to the above topic. Kindly upload for immediate download

Delayed approval
E-PM | Mar 12, 2020
Hello Team,
Please note that you may experience unusual delayed approval of project works/materials from March 13th, 2020 to March 25th, 2020.

Please note that this doesn't stop/delay weekly payment and regular bonus pay.

Requesting a new departme
E-PM | Feb 23, 2020
Kindly make a request of a new academic department when necessary by sending a mail to or messaging 08145391376 via WhatsApp. 

Warn regards 

E-PM | Feb 06, 2020
Our website support all Microsoft word formats but please note that the file extension must be in lower case. 
The server accept .doc or .docx etc, but the server does not accept .DOC .DOCX etc,

E-PM | Nov 21, 2019
We are gald to tell you that we now have a first ranking on google search result for every project materials approved on this website! Also, in effect of technological improvement,every project (works)materials uploaded and approved takes less than 4 hours to become first ranked on google starting from the minutes it is approved; this means that you can start earning on every project works(materials) approved after 4 hours of approval. 

We always seek to serve you best!

Delayed approval
E-PM | Nov 08, 2019
Please be informed that a mail was sent to each regarding the delay in the approval of uploaded project work(s). Please, we await your immediately response if your project work is yet to be approved after 24hrs of uploading


Delay in project approval
E-PM | Nov 08, 2019
Complement of the day. 
For fast project approval, kindly specify the department of each project works. We expect the project topic and the department category to be included just before the introduction/chapter one. 

Earning on project work
E-PM | Nov 03, 2019
Note that the chances of earning within 7 days after the approval of a project work is slim. This is as a result of the time required for indexing.

Referral (update)
E-PM | Nov 02, 2019
Complement of the day. 
Please be informed that for every referral, you're entitled to N1,000 and N20,000 for every 14 referral. 
However, referral earning are programmatically added to your account and available for cashout when your referred upload minimum of three (3) undergraduate  project works. 

To request for your additional N6,000 after your 14th referral, send a mail to using your registered email address. 

Remember, payment are made every Saturday!

We aim to serve you best!

E-PM | Oct 30, 2019

Just as we affiliate with partner, we financially motivate undergraduate finalist for our referral program.

For each referral by an undergraduate partner, we pay N1000.

For 14 referral in a specific academic department from diff project supervisor, we pay N20,000 as referrals bonus

*Note, Our referral program is not compulsory, it is absolutely optional*

Inappropriate View?
E-PM | Oct 29, 2019
Experiencing inappropriate view? Kindly follow the navigation below to clear your browser cache.
History>select cache>clear

E-PM | Oct 26, 2019
Be informed that all earning are paid only every Saturday of the week based on cashout request. Thus, cashout requested on working days are honoured on or before 6pm on Saturdays.

Referral Bonus
E-PM | Oct 26, 2019
Dear esteemed partner, be informed that for every 10th referral, you are entitled to additional N2,000 as referral bonus. 
N:B: This bonus doesn't not exclude the initial N1,000 earning on per referral
To claim bonus, send a mail to after your 10th referral on or before Friday of the week with email subject "Referral Bonus"

We hope to serve you best! 

Tip to sending complain
E-PM | Oct 25, 2019
For smartphone users, to easily send a complaint/feedback/enquiry, highlight and click on Gmail logo as it promptly appears. You'll be redirected to compose message on your gmail mobile app with the highlighted email address as the mail receiver.

Ongoing upgrade
E-PM | Oct 25, 2019
Please, be informed that we are currently on upgrade of our service scheduled between 25th October,2019 and 3rd Nov, 2019. 
We apologize for any inconvenience you may experience through this course.

Warm regards

Project File Type
E-PM | Oct 25, 2019
Kindly note that all project works attached in Microsoft file format are approved with 36hour. Project works attached in PDF file format may be approved but it usually takes longer, and many times upto 14days.

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